Patient Guide


PEMF NOW is indicated for adjunctive use in the palliative treatment of post-operative pain and edema in superficial soft tissue.


• Do not use on patients with a cardiac pacemaker, cardioverter-defibrillator, neurostimulator, infusion pump or any implantable electronic device.
• Do not use on patients who have ANY implanted metallic leads (wires) or any type of wire coil
implant, or any implanted system that may contain a lead (wire).
• Do not use on patients who are or may become pregnant.
• Do not use on patients with an open wound at the area of application.
• Do not use on patients under the age of 18 or individuals with open bone growth plates

How to Wear

Before Use:

Charge the PEMF NOW Device with the provided charger. The red indicator light will blink while charging. When the device is fully charged, the light will stop flashing and stay solid red.
Wearing Instructions:

Step 1: Push the device in to the PEMF NOW Pocket until the strap is across the center of the NOW device.

Step 2: Thread the end of the strap through the metal loop.

Step 3: Wrap the strap back around itself (VelcroR face down). Pull until the strap fits snugly around the desired body part.

Step 4: Press the button to turn on the device. The green indicator light will turn on when therapy begins. A full therapy ends after 30 minutes and the device will turn off automatically.

Note: Pressing the button before therapy ends will turn the device off.

Positioning Ideas:
PEMF NOW is versatile and can be placed on any part of the body. Refer to the following images for suggestions on how to position the device for various uses.